What makes our courses so special?

For us it is important to transmit knowledge related to ceramics, but also to raise awareness of our culture and our way of life. This is why our groups are very small, with a maximum of 4 or 5 people, in order to enable a very close relationship.

In our courses lasting more than one day, our students are our guests. That is to say, if you do one of our courses, we invite you to stay with us in our home, as if you were one of the family. Sharing time and space with local people, living in the home of a craftsman and artist is a unique and incredibly enriching experience.

Our courses

Let ceramics seduce you

Coffee with an artisan

Get to know the culture of Jaén from another perspective, visit us in our workshop and have a coffee with a craftsman while you learn more about pottery’s history and production process.

Create your own breakfast set

Immerse yourself in the ancient art of pottery, discovering some of the secrets of how it is made. Mould a cup and saucer or a small breakfast tray with your own hands and decorate each piece according to your own style.

among olive trees and art

Enjoy shaping clay in Jaén, immersed in serenity, surrounded by birdsong and breath-taking views of olive groves. A perfect getaway to find inspiration and peace through creativity and nature.

Experiencia curso cerámica

Ceramics and culture under the Andalusian sun

Experience a total linguistic (Spanish) and cultural immersion experience, where you can learn more about the culture of Jaén and Andalusia while giving free rein to your creativity.