about us

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Miguel Ángel: I am the person behind Cantarico Alfarería. I am an artist and potter, and in my small workshop I am continuing the great pottery tradition of Arjonilla from a contemporary perspective, making unique pieces with my personal touch.

You can see my work on my website:       www.cantaricoalfareria.com

I love art (in fact, I have a degree in Art History), and I like to express myself mainly through painting and ceramics, although I am always looking for creative activities of all kinds.

This video is a short report shown on Andalucía Directo, a programme on Andalusian television, about ceramics in Arjonilla and about my work. I’m a bit nervous; I’m not so used to being on camera 😉

Report for Canal Sur

Inma: Although I was born in Linares, I am an arjonillera by adoption. As a translator and tourist guide, I have been working in intercultural communication for 13 years, so I have a special sensitivity for building bridges between different languages and cultures.

I love discovering the world and learning new things. I also love cooking (and eating!), especially baking.

After spending some time in other countries, we decided to return to our roots, because we missed our homeland very much.

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What are our values?

Healthy living

For us, our health is one of our top priorities and we strive to take care of it in every way, through exercise, rest, stress management and, above all, nutrition.

We avoid ultra-processed foods as much as possible and follow the traditional Mediterranean diet (recognised as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO), which is based on the consumption of pulses, fresh fruit and vegetables (always seasonal and local), wholegrain cereals, fish, lean meats and, of course, “liquid gold”: extra virgin olive oil produced in Arjonilla.

We like to eat in a very healthy and varied way, with traditional Spanish and Andalusian recipes and some touches of other cuisines from around the world. We are also great lovers of Serrano ham and cheese! At the end of the section “Where are we?” you can see some typical dishes from our region

We are committed to sustainability

We are plant and nature lovers, and it is very important to us to take care of our planet. To this end, we have charted a path towards sustainability.

¿What are we doing?
- We reduce carbon emissions: The energy we consume comes 100% from renewable sources, and we produce most of it ourselves with our solar panels.
- We follow the basic principles of the three R's: reduce, reuse and recycle: We try to live as minimalist as possible, consuming responsibly and buying only the products we really need and enjoy. We extend the useful life of the things we use to the end and avoid unnecessary packaging.
-When we make a purchase: Especially with food, we are concerned about the origin of everything we consume and we try to ensure that it has been produced locally; the closer, the better!
As far as possible, we try to shop at small shops near us, and we try to buy quality products to ensure that they will last a long time.
- Chemicals:
- We are introducing the use of different natural household products to replace toxic chemicals when cleaning our home and clothes.
Our frying pans are made of cast iron and therefore do not have artificial non-stick coatings.